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The Uber quietly whirs through a Tupperware-grey industrial estate somewhere off the Westway en route to meeting Julia Restoin Roitfeld.Roitfeld — if you don’t know your Caroline de Maigret from your Jeanne Damas — is, among French women, something akin to style royalty and a bona fide ‘eet’-girl.So how might a mother feel at being asked to suckle a baby belonging to a complete stranger?We sent actor Amanda Holly onto the streets of south London to find out - and recorded the responses of women to this most personal of questions.We sit on the three-seat blue velvet sofa — black coffee for me, still water for her — and Roitfeld perches primly at one end.

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Scanning Roitfeld’s Instagram in the cab, it’s clear she’s taken heed of both her parents’ trajectories — from her father, business acumen and marketing, and from her mother, high octane glamour.

The midwives work in one of six community teams across the area, with a linked midwife providing antenatal clinics for each GP practice either in the surgery itself or in a nearby Children’s Centre.

Women can choose to have their babies in the maternity unit or at home.

We are very proud of the fact that our midwives prioritise providing one to one care in labour to support women and their partners through this life changing event.

Aside from birth itself, breastfeeding is the most intimate act that takes place between a mother and her child.