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In adult mammals, neural progenitors located in the dentate gyrus retain their ability to generate neurons and glia throughout lifetime.In rodents, increased production of new granule neurons is associated with improved memory capacities, while decreased hippocampal neurogenesis results in impaired memory performance in several memory tasks.

Someone should have told them to be careful what you wish for. The film works better than it should thanks to its young and charming cast.Existing research posits that young adults navigate the developmental tasks of emerging adulthood, including sexual and romantic relationship formation, in context of geographic and social separation from families of origin.This assumption of independence reflects the ongoing focus on privileged samples to the exclusion of working class, racial/ethnic minority, and immigrant young adults, many of whom live with family through the emerging adult years.Families also engage in surveillance of emerging adults, applied disproportionately to women.Results are discussed in terms of differences and commonalities of experience across race/ethnicity, nativity, class, and gender, and the salience of family to these processes.