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To better promote multisport and adventure racing, which are compatible and where competitors are more than likely to compete in both disciplines, it is felt that both sports collectively form a separate body or association to best represent their interests at national level.

"Laura was so close—another 100m I think she could have beaten me." Kessler did an IRONMAN three weeks ago in Arizona, and she says she has tried to recover as best as she could. And now I will recover and prepare to return here in March for IRONMAN New Zealand and attempt a six-peat which will be no easy task."Known for her powerful race strategies, Meredith Kessler won IRONMAN Arizona by leading the race the entire way.

Andrew Hedgman is not shy of ultra running adventures, the latest in June when he ran from Brisbane to Sydney, a distance just on 1000kms.

Some might call this strange or even crazy and they are probably right, why on earth would somebody want to put their body through that kind of stress? The Kiwi that resides in Australia started his latest challenge on the 16 in Brisbane and making Sydney by the 30 June.

Bill Godsall, athlete and Sport Central Regional Co-Ordinator (Cromwell), Steve Knowles, athlete and (Auckland), Robin Judkins, race director Coast to Coast (Christchurch) and Kevin Osborne, athlete and lawyer (Hastings), all experienced in multisport and adventure racing have voluntarily formed an initial steering committee with the aim to gauge interest in New Zealand from participants for a national body.

It is not proposed to override or replace the role or functions of local triathlon and multisport clubs.