Height discrimination dating

I’ve also read that the maturity of level of men and women vary so that a woman marrying a man 2-3 years older than her is really marrying a man her “age”. Women generally marry older men for various reasons including: wanting to feel protected, guided, subscribing to social norms, wanting a man with certain career/income achievements, wanting a more “experienced” man, etc. You never know who or what you might find in different packaging.However, we’ve definitely seen a shift in that over the last decade or so. By taking even 2 inches off of you height requirements, you’re opening your dating pool by a great deal. : Napoleonic complexes, people staring, your children coming out as midgets So there you have it… There was a reason though– I kept finding men who fit most of the bill. The problem kept being that despite the men matching all if not most of these things (80% ), they just weren’t working out for me. It’s another to be a complete hard-ass about things, leaving no room for compromise.I’ve grown and I want to share some lessons I’ve learned with you. The Younger Man I’ve read in a number of places that the average age difference in married couples over the last century has been 3.5 years.We all know the saying, “Nice guys finish last,” but you know who also seems to finish last? They have a tendency to reject men that are below a certain height, especially if he is shorter than her, even before they really get to know how great of a guy he is. Most women are known to prefer men to be at least a few inches taller than them.Alan Montecillo logged on to Ok Cupid and started filling out his profile.He wrote down his height (6 feet), listed his interests (podcasts, basketball, reading) and included photos of himself outdoors.

They are jokingly called “Cougars”, which I have a deeper issue with because it makes it seem like we”re prowling for prey, but whatever. I’m declaring this the “Season of the Cub” because everywhere I turn, younger men are doing their best to get with older women. I think the biggest struggle men today have is related to dick size. For whatever reasons, biological or social, height = manhood.

I was so dead set on men having these qualities, that I would rather have been single than “settle” for men without them. The lesson I learned: Just because a partner meets the requirements you have set, there is no guarantee that you will have a happy ending. in light of that, after taking a while to cool off, I decided that I would be more open and flexible about my requirements.

Then, I married a man who had almost every quality I wanted in a man… Again, for full disclosure, my requirements were: As you can see, my list was STRINGENT.

When he signed up for Ok Cupid in 2013, he was in Singapore but began using it more frequently when he moved to Portland, Ore., the following year.

It was around then that he saw Ok Cupid’s data on race and attraction.