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At least in php 5.6.x this function does appear to work with relative URLs despite what it says above.

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I was writing unit tests and needed to cause this function to kick out an error and return FALSE in order to test a specific execution path.

If anyone else needs to force a failure, the following inputs will work: @ solenoid: Your code was very helpful, but it fails when the current URL has no query string (it appends '&' instead of '? Below is a fixed version that catches this edge case and corrects it.

At the first line there was parse_query($val), I made it $var. This is useful if something like below is done: When using the url /* line too long for this site's comment handler */ "foo://username:[email protected][2060:01::68]:8042". name=ferret#nose"The original would return Array( [scheme] = parse_url doesn't works if the protocol doesn't specified.

This seems like sandard, even the youtube doesn't gives the protocol name when generates code for embedding which have a look like "//".