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Some of the world's finest hotels are concentrated into an area the size of the Isle of Wight, and complemented by a drizzling of the planet's best chefs.

Such fine hospitality comes at a fine price, which Barbados's well-heeled clientele are happy to pay.

Still sometimes affectionately referred to as 'Little England', Barbados is proud to be a welcoming, safe holiday environment where visitors and families can truly interact with the locals for an authentic taste of Barbadian life.Author: Lena Howland [youtube] ROk UOc Y0A[/youtube]Networking, researching, and connecting…three tools the professional social media platform “Linked In” is known best for.He survived by jumping out a window when it neared the ground.Origins of the word "steward" in transportation are reflected in the term "chief steward" as used in maritime transport terminology.