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She voted for marriage equality, most of her CDU colleagues voted against.

“Merkel thinks marriage is sacred bond between men and woman.

Most Germans and all Muslim MPs believe in equality. ” Only three lawmakers are listed as being Muslim on the Bundestag website, but German newspaper Welt spoke to the parties and confirmed that all six consider themselves Muslim.

Ms Merkel said after the vote: “I hope that the vote today not only promotes respect between different opinions but also brings more social cohesion and peace.” The Chancellor also said she supported the bill’s introduction of full adoption rights for same-sex couples – a move she had previously opposed – and was fighting anti-LGBT discrimination.

Activist Filipe Henriques tweeted: “She's a Muslim woman and a Conservative.

The European Financial Coalition against commercial sexual exploitation of children online (EFC) conference held at the European Parliament in Brussels on June 24th, highlighted the persistence of commercial sexual exploitation of children online and emergence of new threats.

The event was co-hosted by MEP Grard Deprez, MEP Vicky Ford and MEP Emma Mc Clarkin who earlier this year supported the adoption of the European Parliament's Joint Motion for Resolution on Child Sexual Abuse Online.

On the Safer Internet day 2016, the European Financial Coalition is proud of sharing with you the latest EFC 2012-2015 deliverable: the Best practice guidance for the financial industry and the Policy Analysis for the European Financial Coalition .

After a successful 3 year project, the EFC will continue its activities as a long-term platform, focusing on a 1-year horizon.